Thursday 7th: Employment

Overarching asks: Create secure, green jobs that pay at least the real Living Wage; enough for a decent life.  

Read our policy explainer document here!

Key Asks

Scotland Asks: 

  • Incentivise employers to provide Fair Work to workers, through taxation incentives and Fair Work bonuses. This would include jobs that 
  • Pay at least a real Living Wage 
  • Provide at least four-week shift notice.  
  • Provide a guaranteed minimum of 16 hours  
  • Promote a flexible working culture 
  • Ensure that employability services are flexible and meet the needs of groups facing extra barriers to the labour market (such as BAME people, lone parents, and disabled people).  

UK Asks: 

  • The UK Government to increase the National Living Wage in line with a set adequacy standard that keeps pace with the cost of living and average incomes.