Saturday 9th: Public Services

Overarching ask: Redesign our public services so that they are affordable, accessible, and work for everyone.  

Read our policy explainer document here!

Key Asks

Scotland asks: 

  • Fund 50 hours of childcare per week for every child under the age of 16. 
  • Provide free bus travel for all people under 25 and on low-income benefits. 
  • End digital exclusion, including by providing free, good quality broadband to all low-income households.  
  • Redesign the housing system to make it fit for residents and the environment. To do this:  
  • Implement a system of rent controls which incentivises affordable, eco-friendly, and good quality housing.  
  • Build at least 53,000 good quality, affordable homes with at least 75% of these reserved for the social housing sector.  
  • Forgive rent arrears built up as a result of the pandemic.