Daily themes and policy asks

On each day during CPW we will focus on a different theme. These themes each have accompanying key messages and policy asks. We encourage organisations to use these themes and policy asks during the week, but this isn’t a requirement, and you can use the themes without using the policy asks.

We will soon be publishing suggested social media posts to go along with each daily theme. When they are available you will find theme here, or you can follow us on twitter or subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when they are available.

Day One – Monday 5th October

As we kick off CPW we’ll be focusing on promoting the overarching aim of the week, which is to push towards a more just and compassionate Scotland. To achieve this, we must work together to redesign our economy and end poverty.

Key message: Together we can redesign our economy to solve poverty

View more here.

Day Two – Tuesday 6th October

Theme: Social Security
Key message: Ensure our social security system provides a decent standard of living for everyone 
Policy asks: View day two’s policy asks here.

Day Three – Wednesday 7th October

Theme: Communities
Key message: Invest in community organisations and participatory budgeting
Policy asks: View day three’s policy asks here.

Day Four – Thursday 8th October

Theme: Work & Jobs
Key message: Invest in green jobs and decent work
Policy asks: View day four’s policy asks here.

Day Five – Friday 9th October

Theme: Tax
Key message: Use the tax system to inject justice into our economy 
Policy asks: View day five’s policy asks here.

Day Six – Saturday 10th October

Theme: Public Services
Key message: Expand free childcare and transport and providing affordable homes
Policy asks: View day six’s policy asks here.

Day Seven – Sunday 11th October

Theme: Care
Key message: Increase financial support for carers
Policy asks: View day seven’s policy asks here.

Talking about poverty to win hearts and minds

We’d encourage you to produce your own content for the week, using the framing recommendations and the #ChallengePoverty and #TogetherWeCan hashtags. Here are the slides that accompany our framing training ‘Talking about poverty to win hearts and minds’:

‘Talking Poverty: Using frames to change people’s views’.

Please email Suzi at suzi.murning@povertyalliance.org for the full handouts.