Free training

Winning hearts and minds in the fight against poverty


Many people in Scotland have unhelpful views about poverty. We want to change them.

But how can we do it?

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Frameworks Institute have carried out a lot of research into what views people have about poverty, and what messages we can use to change them.

The Poverty Alliance wants to help its members and supporters start using these frames and messages to talk about poverty in a helpful way, and we’re offering free half-day training sessions on how to do this – with a focus on how to engage with your local media.

The training is particularly useful if you are planning to create any media content for Challenge Poverty Week, such as blogs, videos, info-graphics or press releases.

We will explore public attitudes towards poverty and share the latest research on how to build support for the solutions to tackle it. The session will be full of practical tips you can employ to effectively win hearts and minds. It will also include an optional 45 minutes of entry level media and social media training at the end.

You can sign up for the training here.

If you need to get in touch regarding this event, please email