Talk about poverty and destitution among asylum seekers and refugees

Date: October 10, 2019
Time: 7:00 pm

Refugee Survival Trust

Refugee Survival Trust will be delivering a talk about destitution among asylum seekers and refugees for GRASS (Glasgow Refugee and Asylum Seeker Solidarity), a university society which works to raise awareness and funds for asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants in the UK.

The destitution among asylum seekers is not often highlighted in news or in public eye and RST is raising awareness in this regards. Asylum seekers become destitute because they don’t have work permits or their immigration case been rejected and therefore have no job, no income lost their accommodation. They can’t apply for the public fund.  Around 900 asylum seekers have no accommodation and living in maximum poverty.

Asylum seekers with immigration cases in the Home office receive only £37 per week again this highlights the poverty among asylum seekers.

Asylum seekers and refugees have to establish a new life in the UK from nothing, (when they come here they don’t have any wealth or money). Most refugees with work permission are working in places with minimum wage and it will take several years to afford to buy a house or maybe never can buy a house. It is vital to raise awareness of distitution and poverty among asylum seekers.

To learn more about this talk and to attend, please email