South Lanarkshire Community Planning Partnership Poverty Awareness Raising Activity

Date: October 7, 2019
Time: 9:00 am

South Lanarkshire Partnership






South Lanarkshire Council and Community Planning Partners are committed to tackling poverty and Inequalities. During Challenge Poverty week we will be using social media and other methods to raise awareness of poverty and what we can do locally to make a difference. South Lanarkshire Council we will be sharing daily emails with all staff to raise awareness of poverty and in particular child poverty and will be sharing the material with our partners to do the same. This will include sharing some of the key actions that the South Lanarkshire Community Planning partners have committed to within our new Local Child Poverty Action report. Face to face Poverty Awareness raising sessions are also being offered to staff groups across the Partnership.

Staff and volunteers are also being encouraged to have conversations with families with a lived experience of poverty/low income to ensure our local actions are relevant.

During Challenge Poverty week we are also publishing a new and updated “When Money is Tight “ booklet which will be available online and in paper.

These will be distributed to local groups and organisations and across community facilities and public buildings and help to signpost anyone with money worries to local advice and support services and resources.

Within South Lanarkshire Schools we are encouraging discussion about poverty within and outwith the classroom and a number of local groups and organisations are hosting events and activities.