#PovertyAberdeen social media campaign

Date: October 7, 2019
Time: 9:00 am

Aberdeen Council for Voluntary Organisations

In a just and compassionate society, it’s simply not right that so many people are trapped in the grip of poverty. Poverty puts people in impossible situations, like having to choose between heating their home or paying their rent.
Challenge Poverty Week is an opportunity for us to raise our voice against poverty, showcase what is being done to tackle poverty in Aberdeen and have a real conversation about what we can do to make a difference.
Get involved and shout out about what you are doing to help!
#PovertyAberdeen is a social media campaign which brings together everyone’s experiences, knowledge and passion to help shift the current economic climate, so as to reduce and eliminate poverty for our people and future generations.
You are invited to take a simple ‘selfie frame’ and use these hashtags #PovertyAberdeen, #ChallengePoverty, #AyeWeCan along with any other hashtags relevant to you and/or your organisation
We are asking for you to provide a positive message that lets everyone know about what you/your organisation are doing to help to reduce & eradicate poverty and advocate the actions that we need to see to redesign our economy.

What do I need to do?
1. Use the blank ‘selfie frame’ campaign template
2. Consider your role or area of interest and write your positive message on the template, for example
‘’ We challenge poverty by ….. Ensuring that no pupil misses out on school trips because of limited funds. St Patrick’s School’’
‘’ We challenge poverty by … Offering a benefits check to everyone using our foodbank. Kinloch Community Centre’’
‘’ I challenge poverty by…. Volunteering at my local befriending organisation. Linda Jones’’
3. Take a ‘selfie’ with your completed template – see examples below
If you are not a ‘selfie’ person or are a bit shy – feel free to get creative. For example, you could take a photo with your office in the background or set-up a scene using items such as leaflets or other relevant objects.
4. During the Challenge Poverty Week itself – Post your ‘selfie’ on social media and please make sure to add in the #Poverty Aberdeen, #ChallengePoverty, #AyeWeCan along with any other relevant ‘#s’ you want to use.
Please remember if you see any other #PovertyAberdeen make sure you ‘like / Share or re-tweet’ to keep the messages going.
Thank you so very much for your participation and support.