Fife Council awareness raising campaign

Date: October 7, 2019
Time: 9:00 am

Fife Council

Fife Council Housing Services are supporting Challenge Poverty Week this year by continuing their Annual Housing Conference theme of ‘Eradicating Poverty #OurFife’. The conference, held on September 25th 2019, was led by health broadcaster and journalist Pennie Taylor with inspiring speaker, Jack Monroe, who spoke out about her heart wrenching experience of living in poverty. To continue raising awareness throughout the week of the impact that poverty has on people’s lives, Fife Council and its Partners will be:

  • Campaigning on social media to raise awareness of poverty in Fife, promote income maximisation initiatives and attempt to reduce the stigma around benefit entitlement. You can follow the campaign by searching #OurFife on your facebook and twitter pages.
  • Sharing training materials with frontline staff in order to have effective and meaningful conversations with our tenants and residents around poverty and promote services available to assist anyone who is struggling financially.

For more information please email Katie Pentland,