Edinburgh Tenants Federations Executive Committee discussion

Date: October 8, 2019
Time: 1:30 pm

Edinburgh Tenants Federation

Edinburgh Tenants Federation ( ETF ) is a voluntary organisation that seeks to represent tenants and residents across the city of Edinburgh.

They assist tenants’ and residents’ associations throughout the city to work together with their landlords to ensure that they have a say in the running of their communities.

ETF will be holding an afternoon tea for their Executive Committee on Tuesday 8th October at 1.30pm. They will be discussing poverty in Scotland and its link to housing, and talking about why it’s so important to back Challenge Poverty Week.

For more information, please email Mark Hendry  mark@edinburghtenants.org.uk , follow them on twitter at @EdinburghTenant , or check ETF’s website at www.edinburghtenants.org.uk,