Awareness raising campaign in Falkirk

Date: October 7, 2019
Time: 12:00 am

Falkirk Council

Falkirk Council will be supporting Challenge Poverty Week this year with a number of actions.

They will run a targeted campaign on social media to increase uptake of benefits – emphasising:

• the level of unclaimed benefits in the area
• entitlement to benefit
• online tools to check you are getting what you are entitled to and to find additional support

Through emphasising entitlement they hope to reduce the stigma that can be associated with claiming benefits and living on a low income.  They will be using twitter and also targeted facebook advertising for this campaign.

They are also are supporting the relaunch of Forthgiving, a local charity who provide bespoke grants to individuals and families to help them to improve their circumstances. Finally, they are planning some internal communications to share real life experiences of people in our area living on a low income. The aim of this is to increase staff awareness and understanding of poverty

For more information and to follow their campaigns, please visit their website, facebook and twitter page.