Awareness raising campaign with videos, articles and social media content

Date: October 7, 2019
Time: 9:00 am

Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office and Priority Areas

Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office and Priority Areas will be releasing a series of videos and content relating to the themes of Challenge Poverty Week.

Sunday 6 October

We’re going to have a story about young people’s group The GK Experience in Glasgow doing a course with the Corra Foundation on the language around poverty

Monday 7 October

Theme: Overview of poverty in Scotland

Video x1 from Priority Areas

Article on a tool that’s been developed for churches that identifies deprivation statistics of an area

Tuesday 8 October

Theme: Employment

Video x2 from Priority Areas

Story on churches signing up for the Living Wage in Edinburgh

Wednesday 9 October

Theme: Social Security Video x3 from Priority Areas

Feature on Daisy Chain which provides family support services as part of CrossReach, the social care arm of the church.

Thursday 10 October

Theme: Gender Video x5

Friday 11 October

Theme: Public services (transport*, health, education, housing) Video x4

Saturday 12 October

Theme: Disability

Sunday 13 October

Theme: Race Feature on St Rollox Community Outreach here

Challenging SERCO evictions

Colleagues have been involved in challenging the Serco lock change evictions. This is ongoing.

For more information, please follow them on social media, or email Irene Mackinnon at