Day 2 – 6th October

Tuesday 6th October


Social security.

Key Message

Ensure our social security system provides a decent standard of living for everyone .

Policy Asks

UK Government 

  • Ask 1: Ending the five week wait for Universal Credit, by making advance payments non-repayable 
  • Ask 2: Making permanent the temporary increase in Universal Credit 
  • Ask 3: Ending the benefit cap  
  • Ask 4: Ending the two child limit 

Scottish Government 

  • Ask 1: Creating a Scottish Minimum Income Guarantee. The Scottish Government could, for example: 
  • Ask 2: Significantly increase the value and reach of the Scottish Child Payment.  
  • Ask 3: Commit to a fundamental review of disability assistance, with a focus on ensuring adequacy of support for disabled people in Scotland. 
  • Ask 4: Commit to ensuring that Scottish Carer’s Assistance provide adequacy of support for carers.