Challenge Poverty Week

Challenge Poverty Week is an opportunity for you to raise your voice against poverty and show what is being done to tackle poverty across Scotland.

Organisations large and small supported Challenge Poverty Week last year, and we hope even more get behind it this year.

The main aims of the week are to:

  • Highlight the reality of poverty and challenge the stereotypes that about exist about it;
  • Demonstrate what is being done across Scotland to address poverty
  • Increase public support for more action to solve poverty

The key messages for Challenge Poverty Week are:

Challenge Poverty? Aye we can!

We believe that:

•    Poverty exists in Scotland and affects us all
•    Poverty can be solved by boosting incomes and reducing costs
•    Solving poverty is about ensuring we can all participate in society  

We are encouraging groups and individuals to get involved in Challenge Poverty Week by organising activities or taking part in activities organised by others. These pages will help you to do that.

If you are organising an event for Challenge Poverty Week, or you want to discuss how to go about it, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

This year we are also offering training to organisations about using framing to talk to people about poverty.