About Challenge Poverty Week

Challenge Poverty Week 2021 will take place from 4-10 October

Find our Challenge Poverty Week 2021 toolkits, lesson plans and graphics in our Google Drive folder.

Please do let us know if you plan to join us in our call for change this October. 

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What we can achieve together this Challenge Poverty Week

  • To raise a unified voice against poverty and show that we all want to live in a more just and equal Scotland.  
  • To build awareness and support for solutions to poverty.  
  • To change the conversation around poverty and help end the stigma of living on a low income. 
Challenge Poverty Week 2019

“It’s fantastic to be united against poverty with such a dynamic, diverse and inspiring group of organisations.  There is nothing more important than raising awareness of the issues and changing the narrative around poverty across Scotland.  It’s a great opportunity to hear different voices, understand different perspectives and empower those experiencing poverty to make their voices heard.”  

Save the Children Scotland

Challenge Poverty Week 2021 key messages

  • Too many people in our society are locked in the grip of poverty, restricted from playing a full role in society.  
  • But in Scotland, we all agree that poverty can, and must, be solved. 
  • By redesigning our economy to reflect our shared values of justice and compassion, we can unlock poverty’s grip.  
  • To do this, action must be taken to boost people’s incomes, reduce the cost of living, and create the just and green Scotland we all want to see.     

Raise your voice this Challenge Poverty Week

Taking part in Challenge Poverty Week is rewarding and impactful. Due to COVID-19 we are encouraging Challenge Poverty Week activities to take place online whenever possible. However, we will be providing resources to help you organise in-person events

Check out our resources page with toolkits and templates to make it easy for you to get involved, whether that’s organising a speaker events, launching an initiative or writing to your local politician. (2021’s toolkits will be available to download by 16th June, check back soon!)

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Primary School puplils using our Challenge Poverty Week lesson plans