Poverty and self-management conference, organised as part of Challenge Poverty Week 2018 by the Health and Social Care Alliance
There was cross-party support for Challenge Poverty Week 2018
The Health and Social Care Alliance self-management and poverty conference, part of Challenge Povety Week 2018

Challenge Poverty Week 2022

Times are hard, and getting harder, for hundreds of thousands of people across the country. A rising flood of living costs is pulling more and more people towards poverty.

But together, during #ChallengePoverty Week 2022, we can start to #TurnTheTide on the injustice of poverty in Scotland. 

We're all in the same boat. Stormy weather affects us all. Using our shared values of compassion and a belief in justice, we can make sure everyone gets the adequate income they need to live a dignified life, and we can redesign our economy so that it works for all of us.

You can help us #TurnTheTide. Click below to register for one of our Get Involved meetings, or for a one-to-one chat please email suzi.murning@povertyalliance.org.

About #ChallengePoverty Week

The first Challenge Poverty Week was launched by the Poverty Allliance in 2013.

We wanted to highlight the injustice of poverty in Scotland, and to show that collective action based on justice and compassion can create solutions.   

The week is an opportunity for you to raise your voice against poverty and unite with others in calling for a just and equal Scotland. 

Each year, hundreds of organisations in Scotland do just that, including elected representative, charities and NGOs, local authorities, faith groups, businesses, school and colleges, trade unions, professional bodies and more. 

Will you join us?